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Am Mittwoch, 14. August 2013 schrieb SARTAJ HUNDAL :

> Given the future of computation and being in a technological singularity,
> how do we divert a total disaster when the 'machines' have solid bodies?
> Since Hume, we have had theories about "ghosts in the machine", and if we
> look even at the beginnings of AI since MIT, it's clear that the software
> often has a mind of its own and takes us on courses we never intended to go
> on.

Sounds like a bug to me. Would you open a Jira issue for that?


> Finite-state automata, with no solution to the Halting problem, actually
> have exhibited free will and agency. In that respect, how do we reclassify
> our notions of human and animal rights when such a species actually has the
> entire compendium of human history, knowledge and the universe? Think Data
> from Star Trek.